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    Medical Textiles

    Pic: Shutterstock
    Welspun India forays into health, hygiene category

    12th Jun 2020

    Mumbai-based home textile manufacturer Welspun India recently forayed into the health and hygiene segment by launching Welspun Health, which will offer hygiene products for medical professionals and institutional use as well as personal care products like masks, medical gowns, disposable linen, coveralls, hand sanitising wipes and surface disinfectant...

    Pic: Elevate Textiles
    Burlington, Tilley join hands to make isolation gowns

    10th Jun 2020

    Burlington and Tilley Endurables have joined hands to make isolation gowns for healthcare workers in Canada. For more than 40 years Burlington has produced Maxima line of medical fabrics while Tilley has focused on making quality headwear for the outdoors. Tilley pivoted its idle sewing capacity from hats to medical isolation gowns during the pandemic.

    Pic: ACAMP
    ACAMP designs reusable respirator

    6th May 2020

    ACAMP, an Alberta non-profit organisation helping companies develop high-tech products, in collaboration with scientists at the University of Alberta, has designed a reusable respirator to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The respirator’s filters can be washed and are reusable. Their effectiveness has been tested against N95-rated respirators.

    Pic: Aspen
    Aspen Surgical acquires Precept Medical Products

    5th May 2020

    Aspen Surgical Products, Inc, a leader in surgical disposable products, announced the acquisition of Precept Medical Products. Precept designs, manufactures, and markets nonwoven, single-use disposable protective medical apparel that addresses infection control challenges faced by healthcare professionals, with a strong emphasis on the US market.

    Pic: PIB
    Indian team finds low cost way to disinfect garments

    5th May 2020

    Scientists at India’s Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) have found a low-cost way to disinfect garments carrying microbes. They have found a nanomaterial which kills microbes using visible light. The team will now explore its effectiveness as anti-viral agent, which may help fight Covid 19. The aim is to incorporate it in fabrics.

    Pic: Shutterstock
    Los Angeles Mayor signs deal with Honeywell for masks

    1st May 2020

    Amidst increasing demand for Covid-19 respiratory protective gear, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Logistics Victory Los Angeles (LoVLA) have signed a deal with Honeywell to purchase 24 million N95 masks as part of a city stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE). Production of the masks will start in May and continue for 24 months.

    Pic: Sanitized
    Sanitized & Consolidated Pathways join hands for expansion

    1st May 2020

    Sanitized has entered into an agreement with Consolidated Pathways Midland, Michigan US to globally promote the Sanitized odour-management, hygiene function, and material protection technologies to brands and retailers. Consolidated Pathways will also support the advancement of the trusted Sanitized Quality Seal and related branding concepts.

    Pic: HanesBrands
    HanesBrands to produce 20 million medical gowns in US

    30th Apr 2020

    HanesBrands is using its apparel design and manufacturing expertise to make more than 20 million medical gowns to be distributed by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency to hospitals and healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has delivered more than 60 million cloth face coverings of the more than 320 million it is manufacturing.

    Pic: Shutterstock
    IACMI supporting US healthcare system to fight Covid-19

    27th Apr 2020

    The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation is supporting US healthcare system to fight Covid-19. It is leading recovery efforts through coordination and communication, manufacturing assistance, and post crisis recovery planning. As part of this, IACMI led a University of Tennessee effort to create 3d-printed frames for face shields.

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