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    Packaging Textiles

    Pic: Ahlstrom-Munksjo
    Ahlstrom-Munksjö becomes part of 4evergreen

    24th Dec 2019

    Ahlstrom-Munksjö has become part of a new industry alliance - 4evergreen. The alliance is working to increase the contribution of fibre-based packaging in a circular and sustainable economy. It aims to increase awareness about the benefits of fibre-based packaging materials, and advocate for EU legislation supporting product design for recyclability.

    Pic: Nölken Hygiene
    Nolken makes recyclable composite packaging for wet wipes

    9th Dec 2019

    Nolken hygiene products takes the next development step with its recyclable composite packaging for wet wipes, thereby ensuring a higher recycling quality. The project underlines the many years of efforts in the realisation of sustainable products and packaging. Nolken is a leading developer of highest quality hygiene products, headquartered in Germany.

    Pic: Sibur
    Biaxplen, Manucor establish joint venture

    7th Oct 2019

    Biaxplen, a subsidiary of Sibur, has taken over 50 per cent stake in the European BOPP film producer Manucor. The two have established a joint venture, and will share their best practices in research and development, sales and marketing, production, and technical support. Manucor's sales team will help give Biaxplen new opportunities in the European...

    Pic: H B Fuller
    H B Fuller unveils technologies duo in EIMEA market

    20th Sep 2019

    H B Fuller has unveiled a duo of technologies - Advantra Smart high performance hot melt range for food-safe compliance, and FullVision, a powerful data analytics consultancy service designed to connect packaging manufacturers with continuous performance and quality improvement - in the EIMEA market comprising Europe, India, Middle East and Africa.

    Pic: PRNewsfoto/TemperPack
    TemperPack granted patent for new packaging material

    2nd Aug 2019

    TemperPack, leader in sustainable thermal packaging, has been granted patent for its advanced thermal and protective packaging material made from bonded polysaccharide particles by the US Patent Office. This patent is the first related to ClimaCell, the company's latest and most advanced material, which was introduced to the market late last year.

    Pic: Berry global
    Berry completes acquisition of RPC group

    8th Jul 2019

    Berry has completed the acquisition of RPC Group for a purchase price of approximately $6.5 billion, which includes approximately $4.3 billion of cash paid for the equity interest in RPC and $2.2 of net debt and estimated transaction related costs, subject to closing adjustments. Berry is a supplier of innovative rigid, flexible, and non-woven products.

    Pic: Bag Corp
    Bag Corp acquires Propex Foreign Holdings

    6th Apr 2019

    Bag Corp, a pioneer of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) market, has acquired Propex Foreign Holdings, a subsidiary of Propex Global, in its 50th anniversary year. Bag Corp, headquartered in Richardson, TX, US, is a bulk handling and supply chain solutions provider helping businesses manage all their bulk handling needs from one source.

    Pic: Bruckner Group
    Plastchim-T upgrades BOPP line to make more specialty film

    23rd Mar 2019

    Bulgarian film manufacturer Plastchim-T will upgrade its 6,6 m line to 5-layer film production which will enlarge its product portfolio with a wide variety of higher value quality films. The production of specialty films at existing, smaller lines with lower output is a suitable alternative to the increased worldwide production capacity of commodity...

    Pic: Berry Global Group
    Berry to acquire RPC and become plastic packaging leader

    18th Mar 2019

    Berry Global Group, has announced a recommended superior offer to acquire all of the issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of RPC Group for 793 pence ($10.52) per share in cash. Total price will be approx £5 billion ($6.5 billion) including refinancing of RPC’s net debt. The buyout will make Berry a global leader in plastic packaging solutions.

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