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    Protective Textiles

    Pic: ITA – Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University
    Aachen University tests fabrics to inactivate coronavirus

    11th Jun 2020

    Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin at the Institute for Animal and Environmental Hygiene and the RWTH Aachen University have joined hands to make new PPE. The testing was conducted in the context of the EIT Health Project ViruShield, supported by the European Union, to discover alternative filter materials for face masks that inactivate...

    Pic: Argar
    Argar comes up with antiviral, antibacterial fabrics

    5th Jun 2020

    Italian protective fabrics developer and manufacturer Argar has come up with new antiviral and antibacterial fabrics which use an innovative technology to kill viruses and bacteria, ensuring effective protection against contamination and their transmission. The fabrics also undergo a water-resistant treatment to prevent transmission through droplets.

    Pic: Lenzing
    Hygiene Austria makes face masks for school children

    2nd Jun 2020

    The Austrian company, Hygiene Austria, is focusing on health protection for children by launching the production of children’s protective face masks just in time for the resumption of school lessons. The company, recently established by Lenzing and Palmers Textil, has been manufacturing mouth-nose and FFP2 protective face masks in Austria up until now.

    Pic: Trinity Technology Group (TTG)
    TTG launches composite fabric for medical face masks

    1st Jun 2020

    Trinity Technology Group (TTG) has launched innovative composite fabric for medical face masks. The new fabric uses the latest Airadigm innovation which takes healthcare personnel protection to the next level. The group leveraged expertise in filtration and membrane engineering with extensive performance fabric design knowledge to create the new media.

    Pic: Shutterstock
    Carbonado introduces face masks with ViralOff tech

    1st Jun 2020

    Carbonado, Indian company Bplugd IOT’s flagship brand and an award-winning maker of high-tech urban mobility gear, has introduced AerFit NEO respirators which have been treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology. AerFit NEO is a filtering face-piece respirator (face mask) that is reusable. The company has a broad distribution network in India.

    Pic: Shutterstock
    India should strengthen supply distribution of PPE: Report

    27th May 2020

    Strengthening local supply chains, opening borders, tying up with technology companies, optimally utilising trade finance programmes for MSMEs, and leveraging India's vibrant research and development ecosystem are among the key points to address some of the bottlenecks, and strengthen the supply distribution of PPE in both domestic and cross-border...

    Pic: Shutterstock
    Ahlstrom-Munksjö unveils Extia Protect for face masks

    26th May 2020

    Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which has successfully developed innovative solutions for face mask applications globally, has now unveiled its Extia Protect product range, specifically designed for face mask applications. The company has expanded its capacities for protective medical products, including face mask materials, since the beginning of the COVID-19...

    Pic: Mondi
    Mondi to make face masks at new production line in Germany

    26th May 2020

    Mondi, developer of packaging and paper solutions that are sustainable by design, is set to build new production lines in its plant in Gronau, Germany, for melt blown nonwoven fabric and surgical face masks. This is part of Mondi’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and respond to increased demand by health authorities and businesses for face...

    Pic: Shutterstock
    IDH launches PPE Dashboard for apparel factories

    25th May 2020

    IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) has launched a new platform, PPE Dashboard. The platform will support apparel factories to produce the needed equipment that meets the demand and specifications of PPE related to COVID-19. With partners, IDH designs, co-funds new economically viable approaches to realise green and inclusive growth at scale.

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